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Six wild models have these characteristics

The entity doll is a kind of highly modeled real person's interest tool:
1 now has a very high level of physical simulation of the skin, non-toxic, tasteless, tactile, and has a very high durability, feel almost as real as. With dustproof function, easy to clean.
Each joint 2 entity doll are movable, so that it can transform a variety of positions you want, so you can have a more comfortable experience during use.
3 entity doll body temperature can be realistic, with the design of automatic heating, you can put the vagina, chest and other parts of the body to be heated to a temperature similar to the real body temperature 37 degrees, making it closer to the real feeling.
At present, the price of the physical dolls are generally in a few thousand to ten thousand yuan, with the improvement of people's living standards, and the gradual opening of the domestic people's thinking, the acceptance of the entity doll is also getting higher and higher. For those who want to pursue high quality, solid doll is a good choice.



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