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Silicone doll

Silicone dolls
The doll has been unable to meet people's needs, the domestic manufacturers have intelligent dolls, doll is intelligent enterprises Nobel intelligent dialogue, the body temperature will blink, the mouth will light fretting, intelligent entity doll, also known as the robot doll. This is a breakthrough in the ordinary dolls now, but also to achieve a smart doll, information technology.
A platinum silicone belongs to medical silicone, has been widely used in the enterprises Nobel intelligent entity dolls, relatively ordinary silica entity doll, platinum silicone doll intelligent entity using high-grade imported silicone raw materials, bi component additive curing agent made, compared with the traditional curing agent, which is environmentally friendly, efficient and tasteless advantages, sanitary grade high molded products with high transparency, anti yellowing, non-toxic and tasteless, long service life, physiological inertia and resistance characteristics of biological aging, use more reassuring.

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