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Solid model doll

Solid model doll
Arms and arms:
The front of the arms can be parallel to the chest. The height of the rear can be slightly bent 5-10 degrees, the left and right can be parallel to the shoulder height of about 90 degrees. The upper arm wants the body, the body, and the inner side. When the side is folded, the action of both hands holding the chest can not be more than the chest. Small arms and wrists: more than 20 thousand yuan of high simulation. Solid dolls are generally standard bones, their small arms can be alone at ease rotation about 90 degrees. Wrist joints can be up and down. Dynamic angle of about 45 degrees, the rotation angle of about 60 degrees limit. Waist: waist can be bent forward angle of about 30 degrees.
Hips and legs:
Between the legs can be separated from the angle of about 130 degrees, depending on each doll is different, before moving. We do not recommend double legs separation angle is too large, so that will make yin. We recommend a pair of legs separated from the safety angle of not more than 50 degrees, inward. Side not exceeding the body. Body vertical line of 15 degrees, a single leg forward to raise the maximum not more than 90 degrees, small legs can be bent back to 90 degrees.
Knee and ankle:
Small legs. The maximum bending back to 120 degrees limit, the recommended angle of less than 100 degrees, the knee has a mechanical structure limit, unable to bend forward. The ankle can be rotated up and down about 45 degrees to wear high heels. High simulation. Solid doll although each joint shows the activity angle, but it is recommended not to exceed this angle, beyond the limit.


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